Guidance for Teens into Yungu
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Guidance for Teens into Yungu

Yungu School is an innovative school, which is dedicated to exploring future-oriented education.We firmly believe that every child is an unique individual. We strive to encourage each kid to realize and pursue his / her own interests.

We also firmly believe that cultivating goes slowly and naturally, and every child should enjoy his/her happy and complete life of being cultivated.

Here, we cultivate young teenagers with Chinese hearts and global vision, practice quality-oriented education, attach the importance of the power of cultivating to develop a kid from the view of a whole personality.

Are You Such a Parent as:    

With the acceptance of education philosophy by Yungu, for a hope in the offspring to be happy with an all-round development, rather than to study passively like a machine.

With kindness and sincerity for education, resting on enthusiasm with constantly applied efforts towards the teenagers and even all others, besides a growing mind, and a desire & impetus for learning.

By a democratic way for upbringing, in the purpose of a good parent-child relationship, instead of resorting to self-indulgence education.

Are You Such a Teen as:

An Easy Partner

With an ear to listen and willingness to share ideas, with a learnt point of co-working and a desire to be a partner reliable enough to the team.

An Enquiring Learner

With a great curiosity particularly towards something new and fresh, by a combination of persistence and pleasure during the process of exploration.

A Self-driven Progress Maker

With a clear target before taking definite moves in a strategic way, coupled with self-based strength on the road to dream realizing.


Welcome to apply for  Admissions

Details for enrollment:    

The requirements and procedures for the enrollment of Hangzhou Yungu School(Middle school)in 2024 will be promulgated and implemented in accordance with relevant policies of Hangzhou Education Bureau.

Enrollment process for G7 students:


We believe that the right one is the best.Before choosing a school,we invite you to watch the video carefully.

Scan the QR code and follow the offical Wechat account "Yungu Education" to acquire more information.


Additional information:

Q1:How much is the tuition?

A1:RMB 70,000 / term, excluding meals, snacks, uniforms and other related expenses. Specific will be charged by the Price Bureau.

Q2:Can students board at school?

A2:No accommodation is provided in primary and middle schools. Parents are advised to consider to choose the school near their home.

Q3:Where is the school?

A3:We have moved into the new campus in spring, 2021.

The new address of Hangzhou Yungu School: the southwest corner of the intersection of Dengcai Street and Jingda Road, Yungu Section, Sandun Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

Contact us:    

Admission Tel:0571-85062928  (work time: 08:30-11:30,13:00-17:00)


Admission Wechat: